Name: Katy

Age: Cub

Gender: Female

Parents: Kopa and Vitani

Siblings: Simba, Sam, Sinba(dead)

Crush/Future Mate: Kitu

Personality: playful, but also sweet and caring

Likes: Her family, Kitu, playing with her friends and siblings

Dislikes: Scar, Zira, Nuka, hyenas

History: Katy was the only girl born in Kopa and Vitani's first litter. As a cub she loved to play with her friends and siblings. But one day, as she and her brothers were walking, an evil rogue lion came and attacked them. Katy, Simba, and Sam got out of the way fast enough, but Sinba was mauled by the lion and died. The three cubs then ran home and told their parents all about what happend. Everyone was very sad. Now, the cubs can't go anywhere alone because there have been many reported of cubs getting killed and going missing ever since. One day, she met Kitu and fell in love.

base (c) anarsadoptionagency

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