Name: Kitu

Meaning: Thing

Gender: Male

Age: cub

Crush/Future Mate: Katy

Parents: Kufo and Chungu

Siblings: Kifo

Personality: Playful, kind-hearted, adventurous, loving

Likes: playing, swimming, the pridelands

Dislikes: his old pride, evil, war, meerkats

History: When Kitu was born, he was despised by his parents very much. They would say "you horrible little thing", so they named him, Kitu. Kitu's parents loved his 5 minute older brother, Kifo much better than him. Kitu was never angry, just sad and depressed. One day, a meerkat made fun of and said he was a mangy beast, so Kitu killed the meerkat and from then on, he hated meerkats. One day, Kitu just couldn't take it anymore, because Kifo, his own brother, started to bully him. He ran away and from then on, he became a rogue cub and any meerkat in his path was doomed. One day he went to the pridelands. There he met Katy, Kopa and Vitani's daughter. He soon fell in love with her and decided to stay in the pridelands.

Base (c) xkelbix


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