Name: Sam

Age: Cub

Gender: Male

Parents: Kopa and Vitani

Siblings: Simba (brother), Sinba (dead brother), Katy (sister), Luke (brother)

Friends: Kitu

Crush/Mate: None

Personality: Adventourous and playful

Likes: Kopa, Vitani, Simba(his brother), Simba(official), Nala, Sarafina, Mheetu, Ni, Katie, playing,exploring

Dislikes: Scar, Nuka, Zira, hyenas

History: Sam, was Kopa and Vitani's youngest son. As a cub he is very adventurous and playful, like his dad. He has his grandfather's pelt with his mother's eyes. His best friend is his brother, Luke. Him and Luke play together everyday. He also plays with his sister, Katy. Sam has a big fear of dying young too, after his brother, Sinba's death. Everyday, he fears he might be next. Kopa says everyday nice things to comfort him, but still he's afraid. More to come......

base (c) kisini

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