Name: Simba

Meaning: Lion

Age: Cub

Gender: Male

Parents: Kopa & Vitani

Siblings: Sam, Katy, Sinba(deseased)

Grandparents: Tama(maternal grandmother)

Crush: none

Personality: Playful and adventurous like his father, but also sweet and caring like his mother.(I think Vitani is motherly.)

Likes: his family, Kitu, playing

Dislikes: Nuka, Scar, Zira, hyenas

History: As a cub Simba was very much like his father and grandfather, but he had a kind heart like his mother and was a peacemaker.. Simba then asked his father about the evil lions. Kopa then told his son about Zira, Scar, and Nuka, the evil family. Simba was very frightened by this and had nightmares all night. Then he asked his mother about it and she said Zira almost stole her from her mother when she was a cub.

Base (c) sixnewadventures


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