Name: Sinba

Gender: Male

Age: Cub when he died

Parents: Kopa and Vitani

Siblings: Simba, Sam, Katy

Personality: adventurous like his dad

Liked: his siblings, his parents, Kitu

Disliked: evil, killing, Scar, Zira, Nuka, hyenas

History: Sinba was the twin to Simba and was in Kopa and Vitani's first litter. Kopa and Vitani loved all their children very much and wanted them to stay safe. Sinba always liked to play with his siblings all the time. But one day as they were walking, a rogue lion came out of nowwhere and attacked them! Altough his siblings got out of the way, Sinba was killed brutally. When his siblings got home, the told the whole story of Sinba's death. Everyone was greatly sadened by this. Now, all the other cubs can't go exploring without an adult around, as there have been countless reports of missing and dead cubs ever since.

base (c) sixnewadventures

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